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Here is a list of the many services that we at SYSC offer our clients,
in order to make theprocess of marketing and selling your specialty vehicle easy and hassle-free.


Listing & Preparation


  • Conducting a thorough inspection of your vehicle, creating & maintaining a complete checklist

    • Noting and prioritizing what may need to be done to make the vehicle saleable (car must be legally drivable, roadworthy and safe), e.g.,

      • A. Must be done

      • B. Should be done, to eliminate objections

      • C. Nice to do, to enhance value

      • Recommending sources for selected work

  • Photographing all aspects of the vehicle & writing ad copy

  • Determining market value, based on comparable, accepted valuations, past actual sales, comparable asking prices, and our experience

  • Discussing and recommending pricing strategy and desired timing with the owner, re: asking price, likely selling price, "walk away" price

Marketing Your Car

  • Advertising on our website and other national sites, plus those specifically targeted at the make and type of vehicle; club newsletters, classifieds & forums - with 20+ photographs. Direct email to our network and growing list of buyers, sellers & aficionados; Facebook posts

  • Arranging temporary storage, if and where necessary, desirable, and available

  • Receiving and responding to any and all inquiries

  • Arranging appointments with qualified potential buyers

    • Personally showing the car to interested buyers

    • Accompanying seriously interested buyers on test drives (with their license examined & recorded)


The Sale

  • Negotiating with buyers, obtaining a deposit from an offering buyer with conditions regarding the sale completion to the seller's satisfaction

  • Bringing all viable offers to the seller for acceptance

  • Arranging a Pre-Purchase Inspection, if necessary or required by buyer, establishing appropriate parameters on the outcome of such PPI, with specific terms and limitations

  • Driving the vehicle to and from the PPI, if necessary

  • Providing and executing legal documents regarding deposit, and vehicle purchase

  • Communicating with the seller and buyer at every juncture

  • Overseeing vehicle pickup by buyer (if in person) or agent (if being transported nationally or internationally), after sale is completed and seller has received all funds due (subject to SYSC discretion and availability at the time).

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