Michael Cohen is a long time Porsche owner, and a Board Member of the Southeastern Michigan Porsche Club of America. Additionally, he is editor of the club’s monthly magazine, the P4. Michael brings over twenty five years experience in the retail car industry, serving as General Manager for several dealerships including Chevrolet, Dodge and Nissan. Previously, Michael owned The Car Store (a high line auto brokerage firm), and served as founder and manager of Tamaroff Classic Vehicles.

Conrad Zumhagen is a lifelong car enthusiast, having owned Audi, BMW, Porsche, and other sports & specialty cars. He has been active in several marque clubs, has participated in, and instructed at club HPDE track events in Michigan, and is involved in the Ann Arbor area car enthusiast community. Conrad also brings 50 years of experience in the automotive supplier industry, as both a corporate executive and independent advisor to international suppliers.

Michael Cohen

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