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A Few Photos of Us & Our Cars

Michael & Porsche 918 at the Detroit
Belle Isle Grand Prix

Michael & friend Sir Jackie

Conrad's Boxster on Route 66 in Arizona

Cars We Own & Enjoy
Michael's Turbo_edited.jpg

Michael's 997 Turbo Cabriolet

Michaell and his Miata track car

Michael & his track Miata

Michael's Corvette.jpg

Conrad & Boxster in Ouray, CO, on a great road

CZ MC 981.jpeg

Conrad & Michael on the Indiana Nurburgring Tour August, 2022 in Conrad's 981 S Boxster

Michael's C7 Corvette

Cars We Have Owned

Conrad's '85 BMW Euro M635

Michael's first sports car
+ our sons, long ago

Michael in his 996 Cabriolet

Michael's 986 Boxster

Partners sharing Conrad's Miata on a track day at Waterford Hills Road Racing

Conrad's '67 Sunbeam Tiger
at the Meadowbrook Concours

Conrad's 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2
(invited to Eyes on Design '2018, and Wings & Wheels, '2018 & 2019

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